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Andrew on Mic VoiceoverUntil recently, what the voiceover industry wanted was beautiful voices. Now more than ever, they need more. They need opinions and feelings. It’s less about sounding good and more about authentic communication.

This philosophy has proved valuable to Andrew Carlton. His client list is like a who’s who of the worlds largest corporations. If you don’t know who Andrew Carlton is, turn on commercial TV in Australia and wait a few minutes. Chances are you just heard his voice, most likely more than once.

With over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry performing in theatre, film and TV in Australia and the US, Andrew specializes in what he calls the “anti-voiceover”(a natural conversational style that shuns the old-style, structured, newsreader like voiceovers).

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Andrew’s natural and sincere delivery gives enormous credibility to products targeted to a marketing savvy public. Combine this with a smoky tone, and hint of a smile and the result is one of the most sought after voices for big brand advertising in Australia.

His devotion to marketing and communication and his clear understanding of their distinctions, means what you get with Andrew is not so much a voice artist, but more a true partner in your project.

In the past few years Andrew has voiced major campaigns for many of the big telecommunications, finance and insurance companies, cars and fast food chains. His genuine expression also has him a favorite for the big charities and government anti-smoking campaigns. But it doesn’t stop there…

Corporate Narration – Speaking for your Company

How do you choose a voice to speak for your company? Whether it’s guiding your clients through a product description video, announcing the winners at your gala award evening or empowering your team with online training, you need the voice to be engaging and inspiring as well as able to authentically connect with your people as a likable leader.

Andrew Carlton’s natural friendly vocal style has become incredibly popular with corporations, who have moved away from the old, formal corporate-style voices and are now looking for a likable, intelligent representation of their people that can guide… without being patronizing.

With major Australian companies like AMP, Allianz, Telstra, The Leighton Group and CBA as well as global corporations such as Microsoft, Chevron and Cisco under his belt, Andrew’s voice will carry across every department and represent you and your company in it’s best light.


Andrew voice is a favourite for both Australian, UK and US documentary producers. With modern narrators, it feels as if they’re sitting next to you on your couch, sharing feelings and opinions… at times strong enough to move you to action and Andrew is often called upon to deliver this and for his natural sincere opinion in documentary film in Australian, American and Mid Atlantic accents (a slight mixture of US and English accent).

Andrew narrated the first in the well known international film series, Storm Surfers as well as TV series’Undercover Boss Australia (Network 10) and Bollywood Star (SBS) which were both released globally. Most recently Andrew voiced the international series, Tipping Points for US networks NBC/The Weather Channel which has been released across five continents.

Voice Acting

Voice Acting VoiceoverAndrew came to voiceovers from an acting background. He began his theatre journey as the title role in the musical Oliver and after squeezing in a number of TV roles during his school years moved onto to drama school with some of Australia’s best known acotrs.

He moved back to theatre with the original Australian cast of Buddy-The Buddy Holly Story and toured with a number of shows before embarking on his voiceover career.

Andrew looked to the US to further his acting journey and at 25, received an acting scholarship in New York . Whilst over there sinking his teeth into voiceovers (in an American accent and mid-Atlantic as well as English and Australian) he performed Off-Broadway, co-founded The Working Group Theater Company and later wrote, directed, produced and starred in the film “Tripwire”. During his last year in New York, Andrew became the presenter and host of the extreme sports show ‘X-Style’, for ESPN.

Andrew’s favourite work is creating fun, slice of life characters for well written radio scripts. You bring the beer, he’ll bring the characters.

TV Promos

Andrew goes against the grain a little in the TV Promo world, which is why he is so sought after in this area, be it his years as the voice of The Lifestyle Channel or more recently with The Seven Network, Discovery Science (Asia/Pacific) and TV Hits.

Andrew says, “TV promo producers want something more than a ‘Johnny One-Note’ voice where every promo sounds the same no matter the program or message. The truth is, each promo is different… requiring a specific feel to conjure the exact emotional response.” Andrew’s unique approach means he listens to your vision and takes in the whole promo, especially the music, before adding his mark.

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