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“Become A Voiceover Artist By Using Proven Strategies for Success”

Now you can receive step-by-step training from Australia’s leading voiceover artist as he walks you through exactly how to become a successful and highly-paid artistin just 6 weeks.
Discover proven vocal techniques, record a winning demo, learn how to market yourself and attract high-paying clients.
You can get started right away and learn in your spare time. All you need is an Internet connection and a laptop computer!
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If you’re sick and tired of…

  • Working in some dead-end job you hate just to pay the bills
  • Never having enough time to pursue your creative goals
  • Working in a soul destroying job you hate

And if you REALLY want to…

  • Earn a fantastic living working part-time
  • Work in the exciting and fun voiceover industry
  • Hear your voice on TV, radio and at the movies
  • Work with exciting clients on interesting projects

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Because in a few minutes I’m going to show you exactly what to do now!

Sounds good to be true?

I understand Let me anwser one of the questions that aspiring voiceover artist frequently ask me…

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Myth #1: You need to have a big, beautiful voice

Did you know that you don’t need to have a beautiful voice to be successful in this business? It’s true. Advertisers today are looking for memorable or unique voices… not necessarily perfect voices. In the past, the advertising industry wanted beautiful voices to represent their products, but those days are over. Now clients want authentic and unique sounding voices… voices with an original, fresh sound.
There is a constant search for new, fresh sounding voices for different campaigns and brands. Which means LOTS of opportunities for new voiceover artists!

Myth #2: Only a small group of celebrities get all the work

Here are two reasons why this isn’t true. Firstly, most clients can’t afford the BIG fees celebrities charge. Secondly, it would be physically impossible for a small group of people to record the thousands of voiceovers we hear across all the different media platforms. From TV, radio, advertising, animations, commercials, online, etc. There are so many opportunities out there for new artists to enter the industry. And with the right training and guidance, you can be earning a decent income fairly quickly.

Myth #3: You have to quit your job to work in voiceover

You don’t have to quit your job. Many voiceover artists started out working in the industry part-time. However, it helps if your current job has flexible hours or allows for long lunch breaks, so you can dash off for an audition when necessary. Once your career takes off, and you’re earning more than your current salary, quitting your job would be wise. Nowadays, more voiceover work is being produced in little home studios without the artist stepping into a professional studio. And many artists are recording in the evening, once their work day is over. The best part about voiceover is that you can earn great money working with just a couple of clients in only a few hours a month.

Myth #4: You need to be a professional actor or presenter

You really don’t. Recording voiceovers is very different from acting or performing. It requires a completely different set of skills. In fact, some actors and presenters have certain habits that they need to overcome in order to successfully do voiceovers. There are some aspects of performance that can help a great deal in voiceovers but these can be taught to voice artists with no previous acting experience. You don’t need previous acting or performing experience to enter this industry. If you have a decent voice, an ambition to succeed and are a fun-loving person, then you’ll do just fine in the industry!

Myth #5: You need to have a talent agent to get hired

You don’t need an agent to attract clients. In fact, most agents won’t represent someone without previous experience. This is great news for beginners because, unlike the acting industry, it’s common to be considered for work despite not having an agent. So you actually don’t need an agent to get started. In my 6-week online training Bootcamp, I teach you how to attract high-paying clients—without an agent. Agents can help to fast-track your career and you’ll learn the best ways to build these relationships and get an agent that will help take your career to the next level.

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Now at this point, you may be wondering… Who Is Andrew Carlton and Why Should You Listen To Him?

Andrew is the most sought after voice for big brand advertising in Australian television. He celebrates his 21st year in the entertainment industry performing in theatre, film and TV in Australia and the US.

He is the voice behind successful brands like Telstra, Toyota, CBA and McDonalds, just to name a few. Voiced for leading networks including Channel 7 and Foxtel’s The Lifestyle Channel, Discovery Science and TV Hits.

Andrew is also known as the voice behind the state and federal government’s anti-smoking ad campaigns. He has performed Off-Broadway, co-founded The Working Group Theater Company, and written, directed, produced, and starred in the film Tripwire.

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Now I Want To ‘Give Back’ And Help YOU Break Into This Exciting And Lucrative Industry

I’ve enjoyed a very successful 21 year career in the voice industry.

I’ve decided that it’s time to GIVE BACK and share the key secrets about the artistic and technical skills needed to become a leading voice artist.

I also want to share what I’ve learnt about the equally important business side of the industry. Everything about how to market yourself, create a winning demo, attract high-paying jobs and manage your career.

Over the years, I’ve taught at a leading drama school in New York, in Australia at NIDA and toured the country providing intensive weekend seminars in the art of professional voiceover performance.

Many of my graduates have obtained regular work and representation with the country’s top agents after completing this training. In fact, as a direct result of my mentorship, some of my former students are now working as top voice actors.

I realized not everyone could attend my weekend training seminars. And that’s why I decided to create my 6-week online training Bootcamp. So people like you could learn voiceover at your own pace and from your laptop computer.

biz of showbiz Voiceover Coaching
The Biz Of Show Biz Voiceover Bootcamp” draws on my experiences as a voice artist for over 21 years. . This program will teach you everything you need to know to break into the booming voiceover industry… even if you’re a total beginner.

My online boot camp contains step-by-step training videos that will walk you through the entire process of becoming a voiceover artist.

This program is 100% online, which means you can follow along at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. All you need is your laptop computer and an Internet connection.

Even if you’ve never worked as a voiceover actor, these step-by-step training videos will help you break into the industry. You will be fully prepared for a successful future as a highly-paid voiceover artist.

You Can Earn Over $1,000 Per Hour As A Voiceover Artist … Without Leaving Your Day Job

There are thousands of freelance voice actors around the world today. Some work part-time, others full-time. It’s common for voice artists to earn between $50,000 to $100,000 per year. Many earn over $200,000 per year. Some of the top artists earn several million dollars per year.

How do you know voiceover is for you? Let me ask you a few important questions…

Are you working in a soul-destroying job you hate just to pay the bills?
Do you feel lost and unmotivated in your current career?
Do you wish you had more time to pursue your artistic and creative goals?
Do you have a natural desire to perform and entertain others?

How do you know voiceover is for you? Let me ask you a few important questions…

Here’s the great news:

You don’t have to leave your day-job right away. Many artists earn a decent FIVE-FIGURE income – without leaving their current jobs.

Some artists leave their jobs once voiceover work replaces their current income. Allowing them the time and money to focus on other creative pursuits.

There really is NO reason for you to stay stuck in a dead-end job you hate. Especially when you can start your voiceover career right now, without the risk of leaving your existing job!

Here’s What You Get Instant Access To With “The Biz Of Show Biz Voiceover Bootcamp”

Here’s what you’ll master inside our 6-week online training program…


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Week 1 – How to Create a Great Demo

You’re going to learn the insider’s secrets about the voiceover business and get an in-depth view of how everything works behind the scenes. Week 1 covers everything from creating your voice demo and marketing pack to building relationships with agents and clients.

  • I share personal stories of success that will inspire and encourage
  • Learn all about marketing psychology
  • How to deal with agents and come out on top
  • How to talk to clients and control the conversation

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Week 2 – What is Vocal Profiling?

In this timely lesson, you’ll discover step-by-step exercises for developing your own authentic voice, and turning it into a powerful and marketable asset. This training will give you an unfair advantage over the competition and have you competing with top artists in the industry.

  • Tips on breaking into the industry
  • Creating an authentic, original sound people will love
  • Get to know your voice and use its strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn about the musical elements of your voice
  • Learn how to create your own unique sound.

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Week 3 – All about “Read Styles”

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to analyze and understand different script styles. You’ll learn to identify what “read” is best for each script, and how to deliver exactly what the client is looking for. This training is essential for getting call-backs and repeat business.

  • Learn about the vocal chords, breathing support, and resonators
  • What read styles are and how to use them
  • How to analyze a script and understand its requirements
  • How to give every script the delivery it needs

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Week 4 – How to Create a Great Demo

This training is SO important, especially for newbies. Learn everything you need to know about studio recording. Discover microphone techniques, industry jargon, and what to do when recording. We go over tech talk and how to make the mic work for you.

  • Studio Etiquette 101 teaches you to interact like a Pro from day one
  • What to do when 5 studio executives walk into your studio session and dozens of other difficult to manage situations in the studio
  • Get familiar with the mic with my microphone techniques
  • Learn about the 55-38-7 mindset and how to use it
  • How to prepare: breathing exercises that you can and should do daily

c5 Voiceover Coaching

Week 5 – How to Incorporate Acting Techniques into your Performances

Great voiceover actors know how to develop memorable voice characters and accents. You’re not just reading a script. You’re acting! Body language, tone, vocal inflections… it all becomes part of the performance. Plus 6 questions you can use to immediately understand any script.

  • How to communicate thoughts and feelings
  • Acting techniques you can use to make any performance better
  • Balancing authenticity with true voice techniques
  • Giving every performance a life of its own

c6 Voiceover Coaching

Week 4 – Putting it All Together

By now, you understand the voiceover industry more fully. You know how to create your own unique sound. How to behave in a professional studio. Now it’s time to create an impressive voice demo that stands out and attracts producers and clients.

  • Learn insider business tips from an industry veteran that can skyrocket your career and give you an unfair advantage over other artists
  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses and how to use them to the fullest
  • Get familiar with the mic with my microphone techniques
  • Create an amazing voiceover artist showreel [Demo]
  • Learn how to constantly grow as an artist so you can continually improve your performance and career.

Over $1000 Worth Of Recording Software, Scripts, Industry Contacts And More FREE When You Sign Up Today

You may be sitting on the fence wondering if you should invest in “The Biz Of Showbiz Voiceover Bootcamp” 6-week online training program.

So I’ve decided to do something else to make enrolling in my program an absolute NO BRAINER easy decision for you. Which means giving you access to all of the essential tools, resources, contacts and recording software you need to succeed as a professional voiceover artist.

When you join the program today, you’ll receive the following bonuses valued at over $1000 absolutely FREE!

1. Turn Your Computer Into A Professional Recording Studio With This World Class Software (Value $300 – Yours FREE)

You’ll receive online access to the worlds most popular recording software that allows you to record, edit and playback your voice recordings. Basically turning your laptop into a home recording studio. This is the perfect way to monitor your progress and see where you need to improve.

I’m also including 12 tutorial videos with fool proof instructions on how to use the recording software step-by-step. This software is compatible with MAC and PC computers.

This is the next best thing to having your very own personal voice coach. You can use this important feature to help you prepare before every audition or performance.

2. 200+ voiceover scripts for you to practice with and record your demos(Value $400 – Yours FREE)

You’ll receive over 200+ voiceover scripts from real-life TV commercials, radio spots, documentaries, corporate narrations (a large and lucrative part of voiceovers), online advertising and much more. You’ll get to practice on genuine scripts that artists have recorded for real clients in the past.

Now you don’t have to wonder what to say in your voice demo recording. Imagine the confidence you’ll get from practicing with real scripts and using them to record a winning demo from the comfort of your own home!

3. Weekly interviews with leading voiceover artists and industry experts as video interviews and as Mp3 downloads (Value $330 – Yours FREE)

Every week I sit down with a leading voiceover artist or industry expert, including some of the top producers and agents in the industry, and ask them questions about what it takes to succeed as an artist. These interviews are recorded on HD video to watch as well as HD audio.

You can download these mp3 audio’s onto your computer and sync them with your iPhone, mobile device or tablet. Which means, you’ll be able to listen to these insightful interviews anytime you want. While traveling to work, going for a run, driving your car or just relaxing on the couch. Even after 21 years in the biz I learned so much from these interviews. The insights you’ll gain will be priceless.

4. Transcripts of all the videos and mp3 audio’s for people who prefer to read (Value $95 – Yours FREE)

I’ve had the entire “The Biz Of Show Biz Voiceover Bootcamp” training fully transcribed for you (all of the videos and mp3 audio’s). This way you can follow along as you listen, or you can use the transcript as your reference guide, if you prefer to learn by reading. You’ll also find it super-simple to quickly find any information you need without having to listen to all of the audios or watch every video.

5. My personal list of industry contacts from top-level agents to recording studios around Australia (Value Priceless – Yours FREE)

Successful people often attribute their success to a single meeting with someone who was influential in their lives. As the saying goes, it’s not always what you know but WHO you know.

Success in any industry is about meeting and connecting with the right people. The kind of people who can open doors and opportunities for you.

I want to help you succeed. And that’s why I’ve decided to give you access to my personal list of industry contacts which has taken me years to grow and nurture. This list includes the contact details for Australia’s:

  • Top-level agents
  • Ad agency writers
  • Producers
  • Recording studios

6. $100 voucher to put towards any further Biz Of Showbiz Voiceover Seminars (Value $100 – Yours FREE)

You’ll also receive a $100 voucher you can use towards any future Biz Of Showbiz Voiceover Seminars or live workshop. Once you’ve used our 6-week online training program to break into the voiceover industry, you may decide to further increase your skills and confidence by enrolling in one of our live workshops or seminars in the future.

Now at this point you may be wondering …

What’s This 6-Week Online Training Program Really Worth?

Before creating this online program, the only way you could receive voiceover coaching from me, was by attending one of my weekend workshops in Sydney, which cost up to $1,200 per person to attend.

Obviously, not everyone could afford my high-priced weekend workshops.

That’s why my new 6-week online training program is the PERFECT for anyone wanting to become a successful voice artist. You get immediate access to my best training online, to go through at your own pace.

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Here’s What Students Are Saying About The Biz Of Showbiz Voiceover Training

What’s This 6-Week Online Training Program Really Worth?

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Join Today and Break Into The Exciting, Fun and Lucrative Voiceover Industry … In Your Spare Time!

This is your exclusive opportunity to receive step-by-step training, support, and guidance from an industry veteran to help you…
  • Become a successful, highly-paid voiceover artist
  • Record a winning voiceover demo that attracts clients
  • Develop a range of authentic and marketable voices
  • Understand script styles and reads
  • Market yourself to producers, agents, and clients
  • Attract more paid work than you can handle

In just 6 weeks you’ll acquire all of the skills and confidence you need to become a successful and highly paid voiceover artist… even if you have no experience and no idea how to get started.

If you’ve ever wanted to become a voiceover actor and use your creative talents to make a fantastic living, working just a few hours a month, then you’re going to love this program.

“The Biz Of Show Biz Voiceover Bootcamp” combines essential training to develop your voice… PLUS coaching on how to market yourself, get clients and run a successful voiceover business. It’s all there… everything you need to get started.

f you’re sick and tired of working in a job you hate, and would love to pursue your creative talents AND earn good money, then register NOW for my exciting new program.

To Your Success,

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Andrew Carlton

Australia’s leading voiceover artist with over 20 years industry experience