Keynote Speaking

Profit From Your Voice

Australia’s “Billion Dollar Voiceover Artist” teaches us how to speak to the listening of our market.

Forbes Magazine said:

CEOs Are Now Expected To Be Authentic

The pressure is on for CEOs and other execs to come out from the safety of the C-suite to face the public. Theyre increasingly expected to front their corporations, putting a human facea potentially fallible oneon the businesses they run.

The need for putting a human face on your company doesn’t just sit with the CEO, it runs right through every level of your corporation.

Brand is not about product, it’s about people. And the most powerful way to communicate this is with your voice and the voice of the people in your company.

But how… when it is well documented that many people fear public speaking more than death, how can we move past this and actually start to speak to our… public?

And once we’ve actually summoned the courage to stand up, how do we ultimately get to a stage where we are speaking to the listening of our market in order to develop a culture that goes beyond the sale and creates the bond of a lifetime customer relationship?

Who is Andrew Carlton

Teaching near mixingDesk Keynote SpeakingIf you don’t know who Andrew Carlton is, turn on your TV and wait a few minutes. Chances are you just heard his voice, most likely more than once. Andrew is the most sought after voice for big brand advertising in Australian television.

He’s been a professional performer for over 25 years. Throughout the past decade Andrew has dominated the voiceover industry in Australia and has been the voice behind major brands such as Toyota, Telstra, Optus, CBA, McDonalds, Google, Microsoft, eBay, VW, Hyundai and Mazda to name a few.


These major global corporations have combined to spend well over a billion dollars in advertising using Andrew’s voice to represent their brands.

andrew on blueprint1 Keynote SpeakingAndrew attributes a huge part of his success to the understanding of the characteristics of his target audience and how to make subtle adjustments in his voice that dramatically enhance their response to buy.

Andrew has been brought in behind closed doors to work with federal political leaders as well as corporate giants who are regularly in the public eye. Not to tell them what to say… but more importantly… how to say it.

In his highly entertaining and fascinating presentation he will show you how your voice is helping or hindering your sales and your business growth, and how to make simple changes that can dramatically increase your profits.

Whether your the CEO of a Fortune 500, the head of a sales team or a solopreneur with a startup, Andrew’s priceless insights of the power of your most valuable communication tool, will help you find your voice and share it with your team, your market and the world.