How Actors Can Make Money From Home in their Pajamas.

shutterstock 220928845 How Actors Can Make Money From Home in their Pajamas.

How awesome would it be if you could roll out of bed and get paid millions of dollars to speak into a microphone while wearing your pajamas?

Well only a few people in the world could lay claim to making millions from voiceovers but hey, how cool would it be to actually make a living from home… without selling Amway./

I’ve experienced the voiceover industry changing significantly over the past decade and it continues to evolve at rocket speed.

Technology Rocks!

Firstly the hardware technology. It wasn’t long ago that the only alternative to a quarter million dollar high end recording studio was maybe a $50,000 setup in your home… which essentially was useless as few clients were interested in coming to you. Now the difference between a major recording studio and a couple thousand dollar home-setup is somewhat minor. Especially when you consider where the work is going.

A couple decades ago the vast majority of voiceover production was for broadcast mediafilm, TV and radio- predominantly advertising.These days it only represents a small and ever shrinking piece of the total industry as the internet grows exponentially and the ways we communicate continue to evolve.

These two aspects combine to create a perfect storm of change. The internet often does not require the same standard of production as broadcast media so the need for the high end studio has diminished. Plus, now, with the massive growth of home studios, not just for voiceovers but for musicians and podcasters, you can plug a gorgeous microphone into a lovely preamp and have studio quality sound for $1000 or even less (not including your laptop).

There’s another piece to the fabulous puzzle. Although the technology of remote studios has been around for some time, it has only become commonplace in the past couple of years. I now have clients that connect to my Sydney studio in real time from their office or studio in Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and London, not to mention the other capital cities in Oz.

But the group session is less commonplace these days. Smaller internet clients are more than happy to trust the voice to record a few different versions of the script and deliver overnight- which works well if you are operating in different time zones. So while major brand campaigns are being produced in top studios in the major capital cities that house the ad agencies for clients such as Toyota, Amex or any other major car, telco or finance company, the bulk of the other work has changed how it gets delivered and the home studio continues to carve out a bigger piece of the business.

These days you really can make a living in your pajamas and with the industry going in the current direction, this is only the beginning. But a little tip, skip the pajama idea, take a shower and throw on some clothes. My voice always works better after a steamy shower and hey you don’t wanna be caught out if they request a video-link.

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