Executive Voice Coaching

Executive Voice Coaching

 Dont Say A Word… It Could Kill You!

Public Speaking- A Fear Worse Than Death.

Sounds Unreasonable Right? But is it?

Most people have heard the research that many people fear public speaking worse than death, suggesting that there are a great many people who would rather be in the coffin than giving the eulogy. While common sense may tell you that this is a foolish concept, putting the wrong voice on your company could maim or even kill it or at the very least give your career-growth a life sentence.

Presentation skills & proper training are a vital part of job for the modern executives. Today companies expect that the executives should have clear, convincing and effective voices. Be it a management meeting, or international conference or routine presentation; with proper verbal communication training you can spread your voice over message across.

Forbes Magazine said:

“CEOs Are Now Expected To Be Authentic

The pressure is on for CEOs and other execs to come out from the safety of the C-suite to face the public. They’re increasingly expected to front their corporations, putting a human face—a potentially fallible one—on the businesses they run.” 

So is it just a matter of saying the right words? 

It’s Not What You Said…

A study out of Austin Texas says…

“Common intuition suggests that content drives communications effectiveness. (But) What we found, surprisingly, is that style trumps content when it comes to establishing favorability (from the public). While most speakers focus on what they are saying, from what we have learned they would be better off in terms of effectiveness by paying more attention to how they are saying it.”

The most commonly (mis)quoted statistic in presentation training, that communication is 93% non-verbal, is in fact a gross generalisation of a very specific 40+ year old study by Professor Albert Mehrabian out of UCLA. Although it would be difficult to make a general score around the value of each aspect of communication, what is not in dispute is the importance of vocal tone when communicating authentically.

In conclusion we can say that most people don’t realize that our market is responding to the quality of our voice. So does that mean you need to sound like John Laws or James Earl Jones for people to pay attention to you? Not according to recent studies.

For decades the concept of “authority” was perceived to be a baritone male (godlike) voice. But modern research shows this not to be the case. The research, by Quantified Impressions out of Texas, shows public are more influenced by authenticity in the voice. And, particularly for women leaders, there is a trend toward intensity, enthusiasm, passion and energy behind the voice which require oral communication skill training. This has been confirmed in advertising by countless research groups who are doing away with big beautiful voices and asking for more authentic representations of their community or someone whom their community would consider an expert or authority on the subject at hand.

A human resource company in Pittsburgh are advising employers to screen job seekers on the sound of their voice as it directly affects their ability to relate to their co-workers and their customers which can restrict their ability for future promotion.

“Every time you open your mouth to speak, you are managing your reputation.”- Anna Bernstein- Partner and Founder of The Brain-Voice Connection

So whether it’s for your own journey of success or that of your company’s, the importance of the Communication Skills Training in business has never been more paramount.

Our oral communication skills training is devised for individuals and groups who want to improve their vocal tone, quality and make their presence felt. We offer Verbal Communication Training, non verbal communication training, oral communication skill training & People Communication Skills Training.



Who is Andrew Carlton

Andrew Carlton 217x300 Executive Voice Coaching

If you don’t know who Andrew Carlton is, turn on your TV and wait a few minutes. Chances are you just heard his voice, most likely more than once. Andrew is the most sought after voice for big brand advertising in Australian television.

He’s been a professional performer for over 25 years. Throughout the past decade Andrew has dominated the voiceover industry in Australia and has been the voice behind major brands such as Toyota, Telstra, Optus, CBA, McDonalds, Google, Microsoft, eBay, VW, Hyundai and Mazda to name a few.

These major global corporations have combined to spend well over a billion dollars in advertising using Andrew’s voice to represent their brands.

Andrew attributes a huge part of his success to the understanding of the characteristics of his target audience and how to make subtle adjustments in his voice that dramatically enhance their response to buy.

Andrew has been brought in behind closed doors to work with politicians, (including the leader of a federal political party) as well as corporate giants who are regularly in the public eye. Not to tell them what to say… but more importantly… how to say it.


One-On-One Executive Vocal Coaching

womens weekly 240x300 Executive Voice CoachingHere’s what Australian Women’s Weekly’s Editor-in-Chief, Helen McCabe said of Andrew Carlton’s training. 

If you’re looking to overcome your fears that are stopping you and your organisation from thriving. If you’re interested in learning how to ‘Profit From Your Voice”, from someone who uses his voice every day to drive your market to action…