Could I Be a Cartoon Voice and Make Millions?

Microphone cartoon character

Did you know that the 15th highest paid voice artist in history is worth over $20 million? The 10th is worth $60 million and the richest is worth... wait for it $5 billion. (He also happens to be Walt Disney). Lets just be clear, the richest voice artist in the world who doesn’t own the show he voices for is Hank Azaria who’s worth around $70 million. And at $300 thousand an episode, all of the Simpsons voices are doing pretty well. Wow... what a freaking awesome job. Have fun and laugh all day whilst making funny voices and get paid millions to do it. I GOTTA get me some of that action. … [Read more...]

How To Become a Full-Time Actor


Without a doubt, I think the toughest part about being an actor is being out of work and looking for work. I know I’ve felt auditions taking on a life or death status. Success can free you from the shackles of hardship... failure can sink you further into financial struggle. All the while I watched my peers get promotions and put deposits on their first apartments while I wondered if I would be struggling to pay my rent at 60. Does this sound like you? I was just talking to my buddy Liam this morning. Liam is incredibly talented and has worked on his acting career for years. He just shared … [Read more...]

How Actors Can Make Money From Home in their Pajamas.


How awesome would it be if you could roll out of bed and get paid millions of dollars to speak into a microphone while wearing your pajamas? Well only a few people in the world could lay claim to making millions from voiceovers but hey, how cool would it be to actually make a living from home... without selling Amway./ I’ve experienced the voiceover industry changing significantly over the past decade and it continues to evolve at rocket speed. Technology Rocks! Firstly the hardware technology. It wasn’t long ago that the only alternative to a quarter million dollar high end … [Read more...]

Where do all those voices on TV come from and how do I become one?


You’re sitting there watching TV or YouTube when an ad begins to torture you... the ones that you can’t skip after 5 seconds. You hear the voice talking... and you wonder... ‘Who does that stuff? Wait... someone gets paid to do that... that sounds like fun. I think I read in an article that said they make tons of money. I’ve gotta get into that. People are always telling me I have a nice voice. That I should work in radio. You should hear my Scottish accent. My Homer Simpson voice kills at parties. I could totally do this. That guy that does Homer is worth 60 million bucks. I’m not … [Read more...]