Andrew Carlton Voiceover training video 2-3

In this video, voiceover artist Andrew Carlton shows how the casting process in voiceovers can be quite different than for actors. With more decision makers along the food chain, there are more touch points that the voice actor has access to. Writers, ad agency producers, recording studios all have a say. Agents are still very valuable but not essential to get started or further your career.

Now sometimes the producers will make the call themselves or often they will confer with other links in the chain. The next one being… The Recording Studio.

OK so traditionally the recording studio used to be the primary destination for casting voice. They used to actually, you know, if you look around right cards they used to have a fee for casting. Although that has diminished over the years as more people have a say along the line, the recording studio has a huge influence on the choice of voice.

Now very often they are the makeshift casting director, where their clients will ask them for suggestions as to who the voice should be on the upcoming project.

The recording studios will then submit voices- now generally a tried and true couple that they love to work with, and then often a new voice that they like to throw in and that kinda makes them look edgy and shows their client that they’re kinda thinking outside the square in the area. So these voices won’t be with any one particular agency, and sometimes they won’t even be represented by an agent. So there’s another opening of non-represented talent.

OK so to finally link in the chain- the Agent also has a huge influence. Now a lot percentage of calls coming into agent offices are from bookers in the chain we’ve just talked about. And when they make the call, they haven’t yet made the final choice on the voice for the project very often after half the time. This call can come from any of the other links in the chain… even the writers, but more often the producers and the recording studios. And like the recording studios, the agents will ofer a few choices.

Now their movations are a little different so, you know, they’ll offer choices to their caller whom they believe will most likely have the caller book the voiceover with that agent’s office.

But essentially they are doing the same role. They are putting up voices and again we’re looking at a situation where the decision hasn’t yet been made. If you’re not represented by an agent, you’re obviously not in this part of this casting process.

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