Andrew Carlton Voiceover training Video 1-11

In this video, voiceover artist Andrew Carlton discusses the value of a “Raving Fan Customer” and how significant they can be in an actors or voiceover artists career. But first we must move this customer up the ladder of loyalty. How do we get the people in the business to know we exist and consider us for work.

Now we’re gonna talk about agents in this session. A good agent is like an instant Raving Fan as it becomes their job to sell you. Having said that, they have many other people to sell and they have to do it with the same vigor as they’re selling you. The potential client knows this and also knows that the agent stands to gain from the rave so it doesn’t hold the same kind of credibility as a client or someone in the industry that’s raving about you. A real Raving Fan is someone in the industry who gets no benefit from raving about you other than the emotional reward of raving about you.

Over the past 25 years I’ve heard countless actors complain about the fact that certain people are getting all the work. “Why won’t they give new people a chance? Why did they pick X for that role?” Well the answer is simple. Firstly, X has value because their name and their recognition adds value to the production. Secondly and equally important, they have Advocates and Raving Fans in the industry. Directors and casting directors who want to work with them and tell others about them, suggest them for roles, that kind of thing. Even people that can’t hire them but have the ear of people who can, are raving about them. I’ve seen this on sets where the crew are raving about how talented and nice or humble a particular star is that they worked with. I’ve also heard the opposite and it’s no coincidence which ones have buoyant careers and which ones don’t.

Now as you probably don’t have any Raving Fans or Advocates right now, we will be working through this course on the most important step and that is taking someone from a Shopper to a Customer. Most of the work to move someone to this stage is done in the booth. By that I mean, your quality of your performance has a lot to do with this graduation.

But we need to look at the big picture and start at the beginning. This is about looking at your entire potential customers and developing those relationships to a level that will guarantee that you will always have work in your chosen field.

Well, see you on the next video.

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