Andrew Carlton Voiceover Bootcamp Video 8

Andrew Carlton, successful voiceover artist, introduces to his artistic students, the principles of a successful business. Here he uses Brad Sugars from Action Coach’s “Ladder of Loyalty” to show the first few stages of a business relationship with a potential customer.

Okay, the Ladder Of Loyalty is about taking your potential customers from the stage where they are a list of people who don’t know you exist, through a series of stages until they are not only paying you for your service, but generating work for you in a way that is often even more effective than an agent. Each step on this ladder is a stage for relationship. Let’s take a look at the stages so you can start to understand the power you have in building your own career.

Okay, now you will see the bottom rung here is called a Suspect. A suspect is basically anyone who fits your target market. The people who can hire you. And we’re going to go through who these would be later in this session.

When a Suspect becomes aware of you and you have their contact details, they have yours and they are considering you as a possible person to buy from, they now have moved to a Prospect.

Okay, so a Prospect becomes a Shopper when they hire you for the very first time. They have assessed you and decided they will try you out. At this stage they haven’t decided whether this is a relationship or a one night stand. And it’s a crucial moment in the process.

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