Andrew Carlton Voiceover Bootcamp Video 7

Andrew Carlton, successful voiceover artist, introduces to his students the principles of a successful business. Distinctions such as sales, development and cashflow are connected to the artist’s way in order to build a sustainable career.

Okay, let’s get down to business. And by that I mean the actual business. Before we start looking at the technical and artistic stuff, let’s just talk shop for a bit.

Before we can even consider becoming successful in any artistic pursuit that operates within an industry we must understand something that artists often struggle with and that is this.

We are running a business. Even if you are an actor auditioning by day, doing classes, performing in short play festivals and student films and waiting tables by night, you are still running a business. And for the people not coming from a performance background, you are either running a business yourself or employed in one that cannot exist without business principles. And neither can a voiceover career.

You see in business, auditioning would be called sales, classes would be called research, short plays and student films would be called development or networking and most importantly, although it’s probably the one fulfilling you the least emotionally, waiting tables is providing you with “cash flow” and no business can exist without it. Also the smaller the business is, the more essential cash flow is on a day-to-day basis. Over 80% of businesses fail in the first 5 years and this is nearly always because of cash flow issues.

Now most businesses generate cash flow by generating leads. Leads are new people that you are introducing to your product or service. Others might call them potential customers. But 99.9% of businesses look to generate a lead, then sell them something, and then move on.

But successful businesses go much deeper than that. They are looking to build relationships and what is referred to as lifetime customers or lifetime value. I build this with my business through a process I learned from one of my business gurus by the name Brad Sugars who owns a global business coaching franchise called Action Coach. That distinction is called The Ladder of Loyalty.

OK so we’re going to visit this a couple of times over the next 6 weeks because I believe this is important on so many levels. As an aside this distinction can transform any business and I would suggest you use it in your current one. But for the sake of growing your voiceover business, here is your first look at it.

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