Andrew Carlton Voiceover Bootcamp Video 6

Andrew Carlton voiceover artist, continues his story toward voiceover success.

He shares how being proactive in your marketing can accelerate your career. So that’s how I used changes in the industry to get traction but I used the “Skate to where the puck will be” theory in other aspects of my career like in marketing.

I was always thinking of new ways to reach my potential clients. I started with building, you know, clip art faxes in that sort of pop art style when there was this, sort of, you know, a retro pop art resurgent’s craze. And you know literally I was sending faxes. That’s how far back I’m going. On the technology front I was designing and building e-cards with animation and mp3 players built-in back like, you know, 2002.

But that was years before this kind of stuff was a norm and it really got noticed simply because it was new. So I was again just trying to use that, you know, that kind of concept just, you know, just be forward thinking. And I still am thinking of ways because you know I have to continue to attract leads and turn them essentially into money machines. We’re gonna look at how to do this in just a moment.

Now I tell you these stories not to impress you but really to impress upon you how important it is to be forward thinking and proactive in every part of your pursuits. It really is rarely any ONE THING that will make you successful as a voiceover artist or any way but rather a list of strategies that are well executed through hard work over time.

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