Andrew Carlton Voiceover Bootcamp Video 3

Andrew Carlton voiceover artist, continues his story toward voiceover success when he went to New York and discovered the strategy of balancing his artistic pursuits with business.

Now in 95 I went to New York- I was awarded a drama scholarship at a drama school in Manhattan and I took off to move there and live there.

Now it was here that I discovered more people blending a performing arts career with voiceovers. In fact there were quite a number of artists earning equity minimum On and Off Broadway by night, so you know- and let me tell you that is not enough to survive in a city like Manhattan but they were making good money in voiceovers by day.

So the other thing that I discovered in New York was although there was some incredible talent there, I didn’t really feel it was better than the Aussie talent. I mean the same- I would say the same percentage of good people, you know, of extraordinary talent to ordinary talent was probably about the same. I mean, you know, look at something like the Oscars, you know, our best rub shoulders with US and the UK best and I felt good about that.

But the big difference was, that I really noticed was their approach to their craft and their approach to their business. They understood business concepts- so they were like these two guys. There’s the artist- like probably not as dashing as this guy but there was the artist and then there was the businessman. Pretty stylish business man here but I think, you know, they would definitely these two people combined and that’s when I really started to really realize that this was something that I needed to start to incorporate if I wanted to be successful as a performing artist, no matter what realm I ended up in.


  1. Louie says

    Thanks for the tips! I think the secret to being successful in a competitive market is be familiar with the kind of industry I’m breaking into and continuously evolve, apply new techniques to better my craft. Having a modulated voice is not enough. You should seek professional training and learn from veterans. Know who your competitors are. Market your skills. You will encounter lots of ups and downs along the way but keep your faith.

    Currently, I’m taking steps to build a career in the voiceover industry and I’m hoping to join your class. What do I need to do?

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