Andrew Carlton Voiceover Bootcamp Video 10

Andrew Carlton voiceover artist and business expert, continues to explain the value of developing customer relationships using Brad Sugars’ (Action Coach) ladder of loyalty. Here he shows the value of advocates and raving fans, and how they can transform your career and business.

Now once that Customer begins to trust you and the relationship you have and begins to think of you, even outside the styles that they have previously hired you for before, the Customer now graduates to a Member. Now depending on the size of the company that you have this relationship with, just one of these Members in your database can result in you making more money in voiceovers than a lot of doctors and lawyers make. Yes, I’ve experienced that.

Once the Member then feels this level of trust they can graduate to actually telling other people about you and in turn taking people from Suspect to Prospect and often to Shopper in a conversation. At this point they’ve moved from Member and now become Advocates.

Now the final and most powerful stage is called a Raving Fan. Now Raving Fans cannot stop selling for you. They rave about how great you are. They practically generate a culture around you and literally do the selling for you. In an industry like ours where people literally just like to make others think that they are in the know. A Raving Fan can quickly move a Suspect (someone who didn’t even know you existed) to an Advocate. Now this is how it works, right? They don’t even know you but they’ll tell others about you like as if they actually do know you, because they are going off the “inside info” of the Raving Fan who is their colleague. So the Raving Fan just go “Oh, this person is just so amazing!” So then they take that information and they pass it on as if it’s their information. They may not have even met you before. And that happens in this business.

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