About Andrew Carlton

Andrew on Mic1 300x169 AboutUntil recently, what the industry wanted was beautiful voices. Now more than ever, they need more. They need opinions and authenticity. A genuinely approachable voice that customers trust. It’s less about sounding good and more about effective communication.

Specializing in what he calls the “anti-voiceover” Andrew Carlton’s natural and sincere delivery gives enormous credibility to products targeted to a more marketing savvy public. Combine this with a smoky tone, and hint of a smile and the result is one of the most sought after voices for big brand advertising for Australian markets as well as global campaigns.

Andrew’s devotion to marketing engagement over the past two decades in the voiceover industry means that what you get is not just a voice artist, but a partner in achieving your business’ goals.

Andrew on Mic4 300x168 AboutAndrew has voiced major campaigns for some of the big telecommunications, finance and insurance companies, cars and fast food chains. His genuine expression has him a favourite for the big charities, government anti-smoking campaigns, as well as being highly sought after for corporate production and digital media.


Andrew on Mic6 300x166 AboutAndrew received an acting scholarship in New York where he also experienced the voiceover world (finessing his American accent, mid-Atlantic as well as British and Australian). He performed Off-Broadway, co-founded The Working Group Theater Company and later wrote, directed, produced and starred in the film “Tripwire”. During his last year in New York, Andrew was the full-time presenter and host of the extreme sports show ‘X-Style’, for the ESPN Sports Network.

Aside from leaving his mark on advertising, Andrew has narrated international documentaries for film and television and voiced promos for several of Australia’s most popular TV channels.

Andrew on Mic8 300x167 AboutAndrew coaches aspiring voiceover talent (thebizofshowbiz.com) and has recently launched an international online voiceover Bootcamp course available at voiceover-success.com which offers global access his expert coaching online through a 6-week series of videos and information. Andrew can also be booked as a Keynote Speaker for business conferences, staff meetings where he delves into how you can Profit From Your Voice. He also does private coaching with top-level politicians, such as former Greens Leader, Bob Brown, and senior business executives to finesse their public speaking and improve on-camera appearances.

When Andrew’s not doing voice-related work, he devotes every spare minute to his kids Lola and Raven, his proudest achievements of all.